Hi! I am Luis Marte, but most people call me “Louie”. Welcome to my portfolio. 

I am a creator turned brand marketer who continues to find empowerment through telling a compelling story. Though words still have their place, story telling has taken a more visual approach. Within my portfolio, you will find my experience in building a brand's social and content programs through creativity and strategy. I am passionate about telling the whole story from all marketing channels, through strong content, and with an authentic voice. 

While content is key, I am energized by proving out my strategies and trends through data. I will geek out over an exceptional bar chart. Data is such an important part of building a successful brand and strategy. I am experienced enough to know that what I like is not always what the audience likes, and I find those insights through data research. 

Finally, partnerships and collaboration are a key driver to my successes. Working with other brands and creative coworkers has made me and my campaigns more intuitive and interactive. I find purpose in sharing my knowledge and feeding off others' perspectives.